Jordon Weil 『One-stop 』Medical beauty peace of mind service Lunch break can secretly become beautiful Reverse Time Sapphire Laser X Collagen whitening Skin care ultra-quickly

Last time I went. Jordon Weil Medical ClinicI've become beautiful in secret! In fact, it's also because I was too busy with the school celebration a while ago! The whole person is almost become vegetables, but because often need to show face can not do some destructive courses, so in the see Jordon Weil medical clinic launched theBacklight Sapphire LaserXCollagen Whitening The best thing is that the whole process does not need to apply numbness, no pain, no transition period; this is the secret I want to secretly become beautiful!

Newly opened in 2020, Jordon Weil Medical Clinic⌟ is actually an off-shore collaboration with the super-established "Jordon Ness" medical clinic! The clinic has many loyal customers, and in order to make the beauty more sustainable, and also hope to integrate the beauty without cutting into each unique face, through the quick recovery, low-risk light medical treatment, to retain the original advantages of maintenance, so that everyone can easily enjoy the medical treatment.

I came to Kaohsiung Jorden Weil Clinic, which is located in the very busy area of Freedom Road 2, very easy to find, but inside the clinic is something else! It's so stylish and cozy!

Address: No. 206-1, Liberty 2nd Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 07 558 8061


The clinic is so beautiful with the stylish yet light luxury design! I couldn't help but keep snapping away.

Overall, I don't feel pressured, unlike many medical clinics that make you feel very un-private or the service staff is very cold, this side of the staff is very friendly and the environment is comfortable, the best thing is that it is not crowded with people, and you will not have the feeling that the whole world knows what you want to do.

The first thing to do is to fill in your family information and what you have done (I've been writing for a long time just this side hahaha), but the more detailed you are, the more you can minimize a lot of unnecessary communication during the consultation! When doing a consultation, we suggest that you can directly scan the official Jordon Weil Line@, so that you can make an appointment in the future in a more timely manner.

Jordon Vale is a one-stop medical and aesthetic service provider, which is to give people a professional, safe and comfortable experience. What is "one-stop" service? In fact, it is to make you feel at home from beginning to end, and the steps are transparent, so you know exactly what you need to do next, and the aesthetician will also inform and guide you in detail! So come here to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and then become beautiful!

"There are seven steps in the one-stop service, and they are all provided on the signage board so that everyone understands what they have to do, which is particularly reassuring.


1. Basic Wash>Basic Face Wash to ensure no makeup residue or dirt.

2. Pre-operative photo > to help the surgeon explain the face more clearly during the interview

3. Physician interview>Using FEOM's advanced technology skin detector to scientifically detect skin problems and provide customized treatments.

4. Beginning treatment>Customized treatment according to the doctor's program.

5. Post-operative maintenance > Sebaceous membrane reconstruction and medical grade facial compresses

6. Post-operative Hygiene > Post-operative Home Care Instructions and Points to Note

7. Regular Follow-up> Regularly visit your physician for counseling and evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.


Do any course, in fact, it is recommended to understand more about their own real skin condition, in order to find the most want to improve the problem, Zordon microdermabrasion room in this mirror equipment can really give you a super real picture of the skin condition, there is nothing to hide ah! But because of this, it is really able to give the most suitable customized treatment.

This is the use of Korea's FEOM advanced technology skin tester, a scientific method to detect the real state of the skin; frankly speaking, to see their own data so nakedly presented, you can know your usual skin condition, maintenance and sunscreen how to do? It's really a challenge! But it's precisely because of this clarity that we can provide customized treatments!

For my age, I'm actually doing pretty well, but I'm still horrified to see the inherited pores and dry, inelastic skin!

The pigmentation is not bad, it proves that I have been protecting myself from the sun! However, my nose and forehead really bother me the most! These are the two places that get sunburned the most, so I can't ignore them!

To my usual maintenance of the most concerned about the disturbance, is the skin tone is relatively dull + pores is relatively large (this is really on the legacy can only continue to serious); there is hope that the face can be a little bit of V do not leak out of the age.

The evaluation result is very suitable for Reverse Time Sapphire Laser + Healthy Tube Drops Treatment - Collagen Whitening, a two-pronged approach to comprehensively hold the little tail of youth I want.

Every area of the Jordon Weil store is beautifully designed, and when it comes to unloading and washing, it's a separate VIP room! It's not like a bunch of people crowded together like a food market with no privacy, so you can really enjoy every process without any constraints.

After washing and removing the basic face to make sure there is no makeup residue or dirt, you will be photographed first, which is also to let you feel the results and differences after each session.

Then I came to the doctor for a consultation! The doctor told me that I take good care of my skin, so my overall condition is better than people of my age or even younger than me, but the only problem is that my skin is dull and has localized pores, so "Reverse Time Sapphire Laser" is very suitable for me at this stage of my life to do a light medical beauty mainstream course!

Especially, 『Reverse Time Sapphire Laser』 focuses on low pain, no wound, no recovery period, and the next day you have to participate in weddings, class reunions, and wedding shoots, so you can quickly become beautiful without being found out that your face has been tampered with, or the office workers can finish the procedure during their lunch breaks, and you can secretly become beautiful in one noon. Compared to other picosecond treatments that require at least 5-7 days of recovery time, "Reverse Time Sapphire Laser" is a first-aid type of maintenance laser that can stimulate collagen proliferation in the dermis, improve skin color unevenness, and achieve ultra-bright nude skin, minimize pores, whitening and firming effects.

The doctor also told that many girls love and are afraid of medical beauty, love is because of the feeling after surgery, fear is that every time you have to have to endure the process of pain, but Jordon Weil Reverse Time Sapphire Laser does not need to go on the anesthesia, will not be painful, and there is no transition period, you can comfortably change the beauty instead of every time you need to have a lot of psychological preparation for a lot of the girls who originally resisted to the laser tend to be like a lot of it!

I've been through a lot, but I'm a bit curious about the fact that lasers don't hurt. From pulsed lasers, skin-cleansing lasers, to powder lasers, cherry blossom lasers, etc., the process is still a bit painful, but I'm not sure if I need to put on any pills to try out the Reverse Chrono Sapphire lasers. I was so eager to try it out! In fact, it was really relaxing! I almost fell asleep because it was so comfortable, and it was done!

(Why do we need to stick to the eyebrow ~ mainly because the hairs will be a bit burnt if hit, if like the middle of the man, sweaty hairs more places will be a bit barbecue flavor)

After half of the face is injected, you will feel the brightness up! And the shape of the face is fuller and smoother, but because this is more of a light medical care, it is recommended to continue to do it on a regular basis, in order to continue to want to achieve the results.

"Jordon Weil combines the 30 years of experience of Jordyn Ness in lifestyle beauty, so the beautician will not only wash and remove the face of each client at the beginning, but also moisturize the face after the procedure.

The esthetician is also very professional, emphasizing that good post-surgery maintenance can prolong the effect of medical beauty, and the maintenance experts have also designed a special course for post-surgery customers, which is suitable for those who don't know how to take care of themselves after surgery, or those who are too lazy to take care of themselves.

Ahhhh, the whole process was so comfortable... look at my contented and comfortable face!

Look at you glowing!!!! That's how I want to feel!

Then there is the health tube drops treatment - collagen white, this is actually contains collagen + amino acids + vitamin C drops, the most recommended mature women, mature men, three high groups, men and women in menopause, or just after the medical beauty, supplement!

Jordon Weil makes medical aesthetics combined with lifestyle aesthetics, a one-stop experience is really so comfortable!

Of course, after having a Reverse Time Sapphire Laser, you will still be told to go back and observe the overall condition, especially if it is dry, so you should remember to strengthen the moisturizing and repairing, but since it is not a destructive type of laser, it is very easy to take care of the aftercare.

The next day my skin was a little bit drier, so I started to seriously step up my facial application.

After that, the weather became colder, so I started to put on less face (I was lazy), but I did all the moisturizing and sun protection I should have done! What I feel most is that my face feels good every day, my make-up goes on well, and I don't get dull easily.

On the seventh day, after a busy day, I came home and took off the wash and found that I was still glowing and radiant! And my pores are really better behaved!

On the 15th day of the record, I feel that the overall brightness and radiance is still very good, but because of the pre-partum period so slightly longer illegal construction, but compared to the previous pre-partum kind of face color is very vegetable dull feeling!

Girls always want to have better skin, but a while ago I was too busy and neglected to take good care of my skin, my pores got bigger and my skin didn't look smooth at all, I couldn't accept it! If you can take care of your skin once a month as a gift to pamper yourself, it's really lazy and convenient to have zero blemish skin!

Jordon Wale Medical Beauty Clinic currently has four clinics throughout Taiwan, one-stop customized services, really very reassuring and satisfactory, the end of the year their entire schedule is full, but too much like Jordon Wale light medical beauty courses, and intends to come back to the next appointment, so that they are bright across the New Year! If you are interested, please refer to the official website:

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  • Bachelor of Medicine, China Medical University
  • Attending Physician, Xiu Chuan Hospital, Changhua
  • Family Medicine Specialist
  • Attending Physician, Global Health Clinic
  • Attending Dermatologist

Professional Qualifications

  • CLEVIEL Hyaluronic Acid Certified Physicians
  • VIVABELLA Certified Physician
  • Laser Photoelectricity
  • Microdermabrasion


  • Department of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University
  • Unsubspecialized Residents at Chi Mei Hospital
  • Pediatrics Resident, Chiayi Christian Hospital

Professional Qualifications

  • * Thermage Phoenix Electrolysis Factory Certified Physician
    * Peter Ellanse, MD. 
    * UltraFormer 3rd Generation HYPERFREQUENCY Sonic Lift Certified Physician
    * ♪ Oligio ♪ ♪ Playing with the waves ♪ ♪ Factory-certified physician ♪
    * PLT Spirit Frost Crystals, factory-certified physician.
    * Stratafix Blue Diamond Fish Bone Thread Factory Certified Physician
    * :: Timerlake Baby Line Factory Certified Physician
    * Mint line OEM certified physician
    * :: Juvederm, the original Juvederm board-certified physician.


  • Graduated from the Department of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University
  • Graduated from the Department of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, Double Major
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Body Aesthetics
  • Member of the Medical Laser and Electro-Optical Society of the Republic of China (R.O.C.)
  • Aesthetic Medical Association (AMEA) Certification for Injection Education and Training (IET)
  • Member of the Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Micropigmentation

Professional Qualifications

  • Picoway Total Imaging Ultra Picosecond Certified Physicians
  • Certified Skin Care Advanced Injectable Physician
  • Certified Georgetown Hyaluronic Acid Injector
  • Rexroth Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Certified Physicians
  • ThernageFLX Phoenix Radio Certification
  • U.S. Polar Sonic Ulthera, Hifu Sonic HIFU Certified Physicians
  • Certified Aesthefill Injectors
  • Certified Peter Peter Ellanse Injectable Physician
  • Linear Lift, Linear Rhinoplasty
  • Botulinum toxin underarm sweat, PRP application


  • Graduated from the Medical Department of China Medical University
  • Specialist of Taiwan Internal Medicine Association
  • Specialist in Gastroenterology, Taiwan
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Obesity Medicine
  • Member of the Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Micropigmentation

Professional Qualifications

  • Various types of phototherapy lasers
  • Electricity, Sonic Facelift
  • Microplastic Injection


  • Department of Medicine, Taipei Medical University
  • Resident Physician, Double Harmony Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Resident Physician, Tzu Chi Hospital, Taipei
  • Physician, Keng Hsin Catholic Hospital Health Screening Center
  • Sheng Yi Clinic Medical Aesthetics Attending Physician
  • Attending Physician, Kwan Yee Clinic

Professional Qualifications

  • laser therapy
  • micropigmentation injection
  • Sonic Facelift


  • B.S. in Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University of Medicine
  • M.S., Graduate Institute of Injury Prevention and Control, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.
  • Chief Physician, Changhua Christian Hospital
  • Member of the Cosmetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine
  • National Science Council Programs Co-Facilitators
  • Co-Inventor and Program Consultant, ITRI Skin Imaging Algorithm.

Professional Qualifications

  • laser therapy
  • micropigmentation injection
  • Sonic Facelift


  • Graduated from the Department of Medicine, China Medical University
  • Specialist in Micropigmentation and Aesthetic Medicine
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) Physicians
  • Physician, Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Physician, Taiwan Society of Micropigmentation and Aesthetics
  • Physician, Taiwan Obesity Society

Professional Qualifications

  • Allergan Botulinum Toxin Botulinum Toxin Injector Certified Physician
  • Certified Hyadermis Hydrocrystalline Injectable Technology Physician
  • Certified physician in Restylane hyaluronic acid injection technology
  • RADIESSE Certified Injector Technique Doctor
  • Certified Sculptra Injectable Physician
  • Ellanse Certified Physician in OEM Injection Technology
  • Ulthera Polar Sonic Facelift Certified Physician
  • Quill Featherlift Original Training Certified Practitioner
  • Stratafix Blue Diamond Fish Bone Thread Factory Trained Certified Physician



  • Department of Medicine, National Defense Medical College
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Micropigmentation
  • Physician Member of the Cosmetic Medicine Association of the R.O.C.
  • Anatomical Pathologist, R.O.C.
  • Clinical Pathologist, R.O.C.

Professional Qualifications

  • PLT Platelet Frozen Wafers Factory Certified
  • Ulthera U.S. Polarized Sonic Factory Certification
  • Q+ Linear Sonic Factory Certification
  • Thermage FLX Phoenix
  • Sculptra Original Certification
  • Juvederm Hyaluronic Acid Certified by Juvederm.
  • Restlane OBT Hyaluronic Acid Factory Certified
  • V50 CLEVIEL CONTOUR Hyaluronic Acid Certified by the original manufacturer.
  • Merz Radiesse Crystal Porcelain Factory Certified
  • Merz Botox (Angel Botox) Original Certified
  • Timera Miracle Middle and Lower Face Linear Sculpting Training Original Certification
  • BISTOOL ACADEMY 3-Stage Rhinoplasty Original Certification
  • BISTOOL ACADEMY VXIL THREAD original certification
  • Discovery Pico Italy Discovery Picoseconds Factory Certified
  • Certified to administer the Cellular Therapy Techniques Physician Training Program