Jordon Weil Health Management Clinic. Timelapse Sapphire Laser makes it easy for me to have radiant white skin!

Due to the recent epidemic, I haven't been to a clinic to take care of my skin for a long time, and since my life has been quite busy lately, my skin condition hasn't been very good, so I arranged for a little bit of time to come to the clinic to check in! This time, we came to the brand new clinic.Jordon Weil Health Management ClinicThe store is located in Yuanlin and is expanding all over Taiwan! Don't you think their names are similar? That's right! They are the new brands from Jordans Spa, and when I first heard about them, I was very interested. After all, Jordans is a very well known and reputable brand, and I've used their products in the past, so I'm really looking forward to it!


Oh, my God! The reception hall is really beautiful! It's so bright, spacious, and classy, you'd think it's an IG cafe! If you're coming here, we recommend you to take some photos of it first!

Especially this ultra-beautiful pink shell shape with texture of the gold design of the small sofa, and white marble walls, European and American style arch design, ooh ooh ooh ooh ~ I really like it here, come here not only can become beautiful, even the soul has been purified it!

This is the space that you enter through the archway, and it's also very sophisticated! It's a very large space that extends further inside, so you can feel comfortable and cozy here, and you won't feel uneasy or nervous.

These are the rest of the clinic.

One-Stop Service Process

Jordon Wale is a one-stop shop for medical aesthetics and provides you with convenience, peace of mind, and comfort from basic cleansing and removal to aftercare!

1. basic cleansing 2. pre-operative photo 3. doctor's interview 4. start of treatment 5. post-operative maintenance 6. post-operative hygiene 7. regular tracking

Let's see what I did this time.Backlight Sapphire Lasercap (a poem)Health Tube Drip Therapy - Aurora Angel WhiteThe flow of the bar!

The first step was to fill out the information and consult with the esthetician, I really want to praise their esthetician, friendly, humorous and professional, originally I am easy to be nervous when I come to a new environment, in addition to doing a course that I have never tried, but after the esthetician's friendly explanation really let me relax a lot!

Next is the basic washing and unloading, so even if you come with makeup, you don't have to worry about it, you can take pictures here beautifully, and you can also take care of your skin cleanly afterward!

Then it's time for the skin test. This one is from Korea.FEOM Advanced Technology Skin DetectorI've done a lot of medical aesthetics before, but this is the first time I've used this machine!

It's quick and easy to use, just stick your head in and close your eyes and it won't take long to check the condition of your skin.

After the test, I look at the condition of my skin and plan a program to address my skin concerns.

The next step is to take photos before the surgery, so that you can see my skin condition. At a glance, you can see that the lines are quite deep and the whole face is very old, and the whole face does not seem to have any big problems, but if you look closely, you will find that redness and uneven pigmentation appeared on my face, especially on the two sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth, and the pores are very disturbing to me. It's not easy to put on makeup, and I always feel that the skin on my nose is thick and dark, and the whole makeup is ruined because of the nose skin problem!

Then it was time for the doctor's appointment. I discussed my problems and the results of the skin test with the doctor and finally decided to go for it.Backlight Sapphire LaserIt is a new generation of German high-tech equipment, which can improve the dull skin color, uneven pigmentation and wax yellow, and also improve the problem of large pores, fine lines, etc., which is totally suitable for me! The most important thing is that it is painless, no bruises, no recovery period, and it is fast, safe and effective, which is perfect for a busy woman like me, who is a working woman and a mom, and a freelancer who needs to take photos and be photographed all the time!

Once you are sure, you will start the pre-surgery preparation by applying a layer of cold gel.

The doctor was really considerate. Before starting, he talked to me again about my skin condition before and after the laser, so that I could take a good look at it with the mirror first.

Laser process is very comfortable, there is no pain or heat at all, and quickly finished, no wonder it is said to be the lunchtime beauty care or time-shortening care, it is really too convenient!!!!

After half of my face was done, I was asked to compare the two sides of my face, and there was a huge difference! Because of the gel on my face, the pores and redness are not too visible, but the main difference is the firming part, and I can feel it even when I'm lying down, it's really amazing!

Then continue to finish the other half of the face!

The last part of the post-surgical maintenance, first put on a mask and then the introduction of the part, really comfortable to want to sleep ah!

This is just done skin condition, really will not hurt and no wound, nose and cheeks of the pores immediately improved a lot, as well as the pores around the mouth and chin, the whole face also feel a little tighter, with the front of the pre-operative obvious wrinkles really a lot of difference, there is also a very obvious is that the skin feels ultra-smooth ultra-fine, especially has always been rough around the mouth and chin, after doing so are suspected to be my skin! The skin is so smooth and delicate, especially around the mouth and chin, that I wondered if it was my skin after the procedure.

Finally, I've got something to do.Health Tube Drip Therapy - Aurora Angel WhiteIt can make the skin melanin metabolism, improve the brightness of the skin, to prevent sunburn and sunburn, just with the laser treatment can strengthen the melanin metabolism, also want to say quickly to the summer tanning white back!

Post-Operative Sharing

They are really considerate, it's not just done and done, they take care of your aftercare and condition, they provided me with serums, creams, spacer creams and redness reducing creams to use.

I use their serums and creams every day for my post-surgery regimen. The serums and creams are really moisturizing and leave my skin feeling comfortable after using them.

I'm so glad to see my skin after 7 days! Let's see my skin condition after 7 days, it's really bright, clear and fine! And the uneven skin color under my eyes and on my nose has improved a lot! I also feel more youthful!

Look a little closer! I'm really not afraid to show you, so happy, easy to create bright white naked skin yeah!

I am very happy with the way my skin looks after applying the lasers, my foundation is more flattering and brighter, and a thin layer of foundation is really enough, so I can really save money on cosmetics if I have better skin! I really recommend this laser, it's easy and fast to achieve great results!

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  • Bachelor of Medicine, China Medical University
  • Attending Physician, Xiu Chuan Hospital, Changhua
  • Family Medicine Specialist
  • Attending Physician, Global Health Clinic
  • Attending Dermatologist

Professional Qualifications

  • CLEVIEL Hyaluronic Acid Certified Physicians
  • VIVABELLA Certified Physician
  • Laser Photoelectricity
  • Microdermabrasion


  • Department of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University
  • Unsubspecialized Residents at Chi Mei Hospital
  • Pediatrics Resident, Chiayi Christian Hospital

Professional Qualifications

  • * Thermage Phoenix Electrolysis Factory Certified Physician
    * Peter Ellanse, MD. 
    * UltraFormer 3rd Generation HYPERFREQUENCY Sonic Lift Certified Physician
    * ♪ Oligio ♪ ♪ Playing with the waves ♪ ♪ Factory-certified physician ♪
    * PLT Spirit Frost Crystals, factory-certified physician.
    * Stratafix Blue Diamond Fish Bone Thread Factory Certified Physician
    * :: Timerlake Baby Line Factory Certified Physician
    * Mint line OEM certified physician
    * :: Juvederm, the original Juvederm board-certified physician.


  • Graduated from the Department of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University
  • Graduated from the Department of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, Double Major
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Body Aesthetics
  • Member of the Medical Laser and Electro-Optical Society of the Republic of China (R.O.C.)
  • Aesthetic Medical Association (AMEA) Certification for Injection Education and Training (IET)
  • Member of the Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Micropigmentation

Professional Qualifications

  • Picoway Total Imaging Ultra Picosecond Certified Physicians
  • Certified Skin Care Advanced Injectable Physician
  • Certified Georgetown Hyaluronic Acid Injector
  • Rexroth Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Certified Physicians
  • ThernageFLX Phoenix Radio Certification
  • U.S. Polar Sonic Ulthera, Hifu Sonic HIFU Certified Physicians
  • Certified Aesthefill Injectors
  • Certified Peter Peter Ellanse Injectable Physician
  • Linear Lift, Linear Rhinoplasty
  • Botulinum toxin underarm sweat, PRP application


  • Graduated from the Medical Department of China Medical University
  • Specialist of Taiwan Internal Medicine Association
  • Specialist in Gastroenterology, Taiwan
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Obesity Medicine
  • Member of the Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Micropigmentation

Professional Qualifications

  • Various types of phototherapy lasers
  • Electricity, Sonic Facelift
  • Microplastic Injection


  • Department of Medicine, Taipei Medical University
  • Resident Physician, Double Harmony Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Resident Physician, Tzu Chi Hospital, Taipei
  • Physician, Keng Hsin Catholic Hospital Health Screening Center
  • Sheng Yi Clinic Medical Aesthetics Attending Physician
  • Attending Physician, Kwan Yee Clinic

Professional Qualifications

  • laser therapy
  • micropigmentation injection
  • Sonic Facelift


  • B.S. in Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University of Medicine
  • M.S., Graduate Institute of Injury Prevention and Control, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.
  • Chief Physician, Changhua Christian Hospital
  • Member of the Cosmetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine
  • National Science Council Programs Co-Facilitators
  • Co-Inventor and Program Consultant, ITRI Skin Imaging Algorithm.

Professional Qualifications

  • laser therapy
  • micropigmentation injection
  • Sonic Facelift


  • Graduated from the Department of Medicine, China Medical University
  • Specialist in Micropigmentation and Aesthetic Medicine
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) Physicians
  • Physician, Aesthetic Medicine Association of the Republic of China
  • Physician, Taiwan Society of Micropigmentation and Aesthetics
  • Physician, Taiwan Obesity Society

Professional Qualifications

  • Allergan Botulinum Toxin Botulinum Toxin Injector Certified Physician
  • Certified Hyadermis Hydrocrystalline Injectable Technology Physician
  • Certified physician in Restylane hyaluronic acid injection technology
  • RADIESSE Certified Injector Technique Doctor
  • Certified Sculptra Injectable Physician
  • Ellanse Certified Physician in OEM Injection Technology
  • Ulthera Polar Sonic Facelift Certified Physician
  • Quill Featherlift Original Training Certified Practitioner
  • Stratafix Blue Diamond Fish Bone Thread Factory Trained Certified Physician



  • Department of Medicine, National Defense Medical College
  • Member of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Micropigmentation
  • Physician Member of the Cosmetic Medicine Association of the R.O.C.
  • Anatomical Pathologist, R.O.C.
  • Clinical Pathologist, R.O.C.

Professional Qualifications

  • PLT Platelet Frozen Wafers Factory Certified
  • Ulthera U.S. Polarized Sonic Factory Certification
  • Q+ Linear Sonic Factory Certification
  • Thermage FLX Phoenix
  • Sculptra Original Certification
  • Juvederm Hyaluronic Acid Certified by Juvederm.
  • Restlane OBT Hyaluronic Acid Factory Certified
  • V50 CLEVIEL CONTOUR Hyaluronic Acid Certified by the original manufacturer.
  • Merz Radiesse Crystal Porcelain Factory Certified
  • Merz Botox (Angel Botox) Original Certified
  • Timera Miracle Middle and Lower Face Linear Sculpting Training Original Certification
  • BISTOOL ACADEMY 3-Stage Rhinoplasty Original Certification
  • BISTOOL ACADEMY VXIL THREAD original certification
  • Discovery Pico Italy Discovery Picoseconds Factory Certified
  • Certified to administer the Cellular Therapy Techniques Physician Training Program