[Medical] Bye Bye Freckle Army ⋈ Zolten Micro Picosecond Laser x Sapphire Laser Share

I finally got rid of my freckles recently. 

Jordon Weil  Reverse Time Sapphire Laser x Brightening Ultra Picoseconds

That's a very powerful combination.

October's little trip to Hualien Jingying's Canyon Pool was sunburned to death.

When I got home the freckles were all over my teeth, it was horrible!!!!

Really, right now! Right away! Make an appointment to report to Jordon Weil Clinic. 

Medical Beauty? Jordon Weil? You may not be familiar with it. 

Zordonis will be familiar to all of you!!!!!

When it comes to massage spa and lifestyle beauty treatments, Jordanes is a classic brand.

That's why Jordon Weil was born in 2020, under the expectation of millions of Jordoness members !!!!!

Like my reservation at the Taoyuan Pavilion.

Jordon Wale x Jordyn Ness is in the same building / on different floors.

In the future, you can take care of the medical and beauty treatment and massage spa at one time, which is very convenient.

Born as a girl who was born with genetic freckles + easy to tan.

For as long as I can remember, freckles have always been a problem for me. 

When I was a girl (my goal was to save up for freckle lasers → back in those days, there were only destructive lasers...and my face was covered in blood afterward)

I managed to get rid of my freckles...but they are getting stronger again... 

That's why I've always relied on the clinic's skin-cleansing lasers.

Although every time I have a skin cleansing treatment, it's just a pain in the ass, but as a girl, if I can become beautiful, it's really good!

With the advancement of time, nowadays everyone is fighting.picosecond lasers

Compared to skin laser/// picoseconds, it's like a plug-in (hahaha)

Jordon Weil's One-Stop Aesthetic Services

Basic washing and unloading - Pre-operative photo recording - Physician interview - Treatment administration - Post-operative maintenance - Post-operative hygiene education - Regular follow up.

The whole experience is really comfortable! Very considerate! Very professional! Feelings 


As I mentioned, after I got sunburned in Hualien in October...my spots were all over the place! 

After the doctor's evaluation, he advised me to [Reverse Time Sapphire Laser x PICOWAY Ultra Picoseconds] This combination

Plus, health management drops are all the rage right now.

When I was browsing the official website, I saw the Energy Drops treatment.

So today's post is basically a big complementary post A//// will share the following in full↘

>>>Backlighting Sapphire Laser

>>>PICOWAY Ultra Picoseconds

>>>Healthy Tube Drops Treatment - Luxury Anti-Ageing Treatment

I wore light make-up on that day, so I'll start with the basic washing and removing of the food.

Before the treatment, the face should be thoroughly cleaned of make-up and dirt.

The esthetician was super gentle!!!!

The kind that's so comfortable that you'll fall asleep in seconds~~ hahahahahahaha

After cleaning your face, you will go to the photo booth to take pictures.

Next, the beauty consultant will help you to use this FEOM Skin Tester imported from Korea to do the test.

This machine is crazy !!!!! 

Pores/darkness/wrinkles/spots/elasticity, all clearly visible. 

Oh, my God, look at this. ~~~~ My spots are really that rampant. 

Every dot is a buildup of melanin.

Feeling a bit desperate though XD

But at least I didn't make myself look bad.

There is still a positive way to deal with these blemishes and dull skin conditions (I'm so good!!!!!)

In the photo above, on the left is my beauty consultant.

She was super professional and gave me the best answers to almost everything I asked her.

And she was there from start to finish.

Even the interview with the doctor ~ she was there!!!! +10% peace of mind


And then she was sweet too, because she knew I had to drive back to Keelung.

So I'm gonna go ahead and set up an energy drip for me.

No more wasted time/treatment time/everything for Sauce to put on the numbing cream!!!!

>>>Healthy Tube Drops Treatment - Luxury Anti-Ageing Treatment

It was on the official website that I first saw this energy drop.

I feel like I need it. 

I've been going to bed at 6-7am almost every day for the past month.

This luxurious anti-aging droplet is for men and women over 28 years old.

Or maybe it's designed for the tired and late-night crowd (my eyes lit up when I saw it, it's designed for me hahahaha).

Rapidly replenishes nutrients that the body cannot produce.

The body receives a little bit of energy

I really feel more energetic.

It also reflects on your skin/// I think it's great.

I'll put in an energy drip while I wait for the anesthetic to kick in.

Then the doctor will administer the first shot.>>>Backlighting Sapphire Laser

This is the first time I've ever shot a sapphire laser/// I'm actually a little nervous about it.

After all, I used to have to go through all the laser treatments (((it's still quite scary to think about it...shudder!!!))))

I didn't realize that the sapphire lasers were really too easy.

That's why my beauty consultant just said it's the champion of lunchtime laser care. 

Low pain + no scarring + no recovery period

A lunch break can secretly create a flawless skin ~ ~ ~ ~ so happy :-)

Sapphire Laser mainly targets shallow pores/spots/acne scars and dull skin.

Especially the 940nm wavelength can stimulate the dermis.

You will also feel more moisturized and firm after the treatment!!!

If you want to recommend it as a light maintenance laser.

Sapphire lasers are really good for

Inexpensive/almost painless/quick treatment>>>>Get Super Bright Naked Skin in One Lunch Break! 

>>>Crystal Brightening Ultra Picoseconds

Because today is a double shot of Sapphire+Ultra Picosecond.

So after removing the gel needed for the Sapphire Laser, the Ultra Picosecond 532/1064 Dual Wave lengths were applied immediately!!!

Jordon Micro's Ultra Picosecond ~ using the original US PICOWAY machine

There are hundreds and hundreds of prices for picosecond lasers on the market.

It's really just a case of the wool coming off the sheep's backs. 

What does hyperpicosecond mean?

represents the time in picoseconds (10-12 seconds) that the laser takes to strike.

1,000 times faster than conventional laser treatment in nanoseconds (10-9 seconds) (crazy!!!)

Simply put, the laser energy is stronger and more precise.

However, the heat stays on the skin for a shorter period of time - it is said to be more effective and safer.

Especially PICOWAY is designed for Asian skin, so it has a dreamy wavelength that suits Asian people.

The effect of laser can be maximized and the side effects can be minimized~It is not easy to get back to black after laser. 

At this point you must want to know quickly whether it hurts or not ????????

I'll tell you in good conscience.

Oh my god, it doesn't hurt at all. !!!! (Of course, the pain varies from person to person.)

But I only have a pain on the left side of my hairline where there is a lot of hair, the face is really fine !!!!!

Compare it to any laser I've ever shot.

Ultra Picosecond is really...a piece of cake Piece of cake! 

Especially if you don't have a laser treatment at all. # feat...

To put it bluntly... Picoseconds are really just a way to lie down and look beautiful... hahahaha! 

The doctor was really careful.

I was just reminded to purse my lips when I got the sapphire lasers (because I have a bunch of spots in this area of my face).

I mentioned it during my consultation, but I didn't think the doctor would remember.

Help me out in this area especially too!!!!

After the first full-face sweep.

The second time, we will focus on the parts that need to be strengthened.

And then I got sun spots on my nose.

The second time, the doctor was really hitting the spots one by one, with great care. 

Zordon Micro's Ultra Picosecond has 3 modes

S1 Translucent Skin - Full Face Cleanser

S2 Filter - Enhance pigmentation/pores/spots/acne scars

S3 Ceramic Skin - Melanin is completely shattered and disintegrated.

Super Picoseconds are very low pain, but you can smell the burning odor.  

Heat stays in the skin for a shorter period of time, resulting in less heat damage and a shorter recovery period.

And there is no pain like burning face after laser treatment.

It's a little more expensive /// but it's worth it!

(While I'm having the Sapphire + Picosecond laser, I'm also having the energy drip...it's really time-saving!)

Then it's time for post-operative care and hygiene.

I highly recommend their mask (((How can it fit so well !!!!!!))))

While applying the mask to calm and soothe, the esthetician will synchronize the introduction - so enjoyable!

Because of hereditary freckles.

I've had more lasers than I can count in my life/experienced many aesthetic clinics.

Jordon Vale's professionalism and care - Top 3 among all the clinics I've been to! 

The professionalism and attentiveness of a beauty consultant

The professionalism and care of the doctor

Everything here is great. I can't fault it. (Don't forget I'm a female golden calf with a hairy personality XD)

This time we went to Jordonville Taoyuan store.

It's because it's newly decorated/// it's like a Netflix cafe inside hahaha.

The overall environment and comfort is very good. 

Besides, many medical clinics can't escape the image of ↘consumers sitting together and applying numbing cream XD

In Jordonville, each floor has its own lounge area.

At least not in close proximity to anyone else.

Much better in terms of privacy and comfort :-)


Lastly, I've attached a record of about half a month after the laser treatment.

It's been almost 2 years since I had my last laser (no wonder the spots are coming up!!).

BEFORE is too bad...no doubt it's a yellow face! 

delay unloading (e.g. a billboard) [Reverse Time Sapphire Laser x PICOWAY Ultra Picoseconds] This combination

Actually, I don't need to say anything...just look at the photos.

Brightening + firming the next day after the treatment.

The next step is to get to the realm of light bulb glow XD hahahahahaha

( The photo above was taken at noon the day after the lasers were done )

To create a flawless skin ~ ~ Sapphire Laser + Ultra Picosecond must be applied regularly!

To optimize the whiteness and firmness of your face.

I've only had one shot at this, and it's really good.

Any girl would want this kind of glowing skin, right?

:: The contents of the actual experience subjective experience to share, remind everyone's skin condition is different, applicable and treatment is different, the actual need to be evaluated by a doctor's professional consultation to determine yo ::.

My biggest problem with spots has been solved. 80% has Oh! 

This face is a new dimension in my life. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

It might have something to do with the fact that I'm on an energy drip at the same time.

Anyway, the experience was really great, and Jordon Weil is truly impeccable - I'll share it with you!

Last but not least, here's a photo of me and my husband having coffee in the Minsheng neighborhood the other day.

Born with freckles is a real pain in the ass.

The most expensive moisturizers are not as fast and effective as the direct medical treatment, so I really recommend it!


Jordon Wale Health Management Clinic

There are branches all over Taiwan

Wolf Crystal went to Taoyuan Pavilion this time, which is conveniently located next to the Taoyuan station, for your reference :-)

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